We are here at Bibury Holiday Cottages getting ready for the festive season and all around The Cotswolds there are great events to celebrate Christmas. The Pantomime in Cheltenham starring the wonderful Tweedie, who my younger grandchildren who live in Germany think is wonderful having seen him many times both at the Circus and also in Pantomime. So all 7 of us will be in our seats at the Everyman. The next entertainment in Cirencester the Capital of The Cotswolds will be at the Barn Theatre. Which is new to us all, but looks to have a great musical performance of Rudyard Kipling. Before that we will have the Great Bibury Duck Race on Boxing Day attended by all family and friends who are enjoying Bibury and The Cotswolds over the Christmas period. Mulled Wine and mince pies will be served at the famous Bibury Trout Farm. Proceeds to your favourite charity. We have also had the Bibury Cricket Club awards dinner in Bibury Village Hall.

As always great to see the young coming along to make Bibury Cricket Club a great place to make friends and enjoy the beautiful setting. So come an join in the fun The Cotswolds and Bibury has to offer.

Bibury Holiday Cottages in a heat wave

We have had the most amazing weather for the past 6 weeks and again we have had some of the most lovely guests at Bibury Holiday Cottages in the heart of the Cotswolds.  The famous Fairford Air Tattoo finishes today after a 3 day event and visited by 180.000 people.  We have had some gentlemen from Wales who are serious aviators and have attended the Tattoo every day for the past week and taken some 6000 photographs. They have booked again for next year.  Many thanks to them.  The only problem with the wonderful  sunshine, which has been most welcome after such a long winter, is our beautiful garden has suffered along with everyone else.  The river Coln however in Bibury village is still flowing and is waterside lane which runs along Arlington Row.  We look forward to welcoming guests to Bibury Holiday Cottages in the forthcoming months. 

Happy New Year

So looking forward to 2018 at Bibury Holiday Cottages we meet such interesting people from all parts of the world who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery of The Cotswolds and all the other places of interest within easy reach of Bibury Holiday Cottages.  After all the snow, ice, wild winds and rain the river Coln is now flowing beautifully as is the stream along Waterside Lane and in front of Arlington Row.  Even in the winter months Bibury looks beautiful with lovely walks to places like Coln St. Aldwyn where there is a coffee shop and a pub, walk a little further to Quenington to The Keepers Arms.  For the children there is Cotswold Wildlife Park in Burford,

Adam Henson's Cotswold Farm Park and numerous other adventures for the younger members of the family.  For others there is Cheltenham with its fantastic architecture, shopping, festivals and of course RACING.  Numerous stately homes and gardens for all tastes and ages.  Oxford, Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon all possible in a day trip.  At the end of a days walking, sight seeing or

may be a trip to Cotswold Water Park enjoy our guest garden with a cup of tea or whatever you fancy.  We look forward to welcoming our guests in 2018. 


Bibury Holiday Cottage Guests

All our 4 cottages here at Bibury Holiday Cottages have delightful guests from The Netherlands.

Quite amazing.  Just had a wander round our lovely garden to see the hibiscus now in flower, rather later than usual also some fantastic dahlias still blooming.  So the gardens are still looking colourful along with our hanging baskets and troughs making the Courtyard at Bibury Holiday Cottages very colourful, especially this afternoon with some long awaited sunshine.  We have had some much needed rain so at least the ducks can paddle on the river Coln rather than walking.  The black swan has also been a lovely addition to the river at Bibury Trout Farm.  We are rapidly approaching the Bank Holiday weekend when I am sure Bibury will be full of visitors, who we hope appreciate the beauty of the place and endeavour to keep it looking clean and tidy.  The pub will be busy undoubtedly, which is good for the village but parking is at a premium so a little consideration goes along way.    Hopefully the weather will be kind to all those wishing to spend sometime in The Cotswolds and Bibury in particular.  Please enjoy Bibury as much as the villagers do, but please respect our privacy. 


Bibury Holiday Cottages

Bibury is not looking its best this Summer due to the work being undertaken to install "fibre optic" which has caused great disruption to Bibury and especially to Bibury Holiday Cottages as they were digging up the footpath which is part of our drive for 2 weeks, which caused us great difficulty with our guests.  We were not informed of the work commencing or finishing and we have just had to live with it.  What I don't understand is that Bibury is a great tourist attraction and they chose the middle of the Season to dig up the footpaths etc., they did the outlying areas during the early part of the year, who don't get the volume of visitors.  Anyway enough of the moans.  We here at Bibury Holiday Cottages have had a great season and again some lovely guests who really appreciate Bibury village and the surrounding area of The Cotswolds, its alway interesting to hear where guests wish to visit be it the stately homes, gardens, Bath, Oxford etc., or many just want to see the quaint Cotswold villages, which remain unchanged over the decades.  The International Sheep Dog trials are coming to Stowell Lodge in Sept.  My brother who lives in the Yorkshire Dales runs sheep dogs, so he will be here to enjoy the event as I am sure many other people will.  Its a very interesting day out.  One man and his dog in The Cotswolds and very close to Bibury Holiday Cottages.  The weather hasn't been its best since mid-July so hopefully it will improve and we will be able to enjoy our lovely gardens at Bibury Holiday Cottages. 

Beautiful Bibury

How lucky we are to wake up in Bibury with such beautiful scenery in and around the Village.

In the light of the dreadful recent events across the Country, you have to count your blessings and make the most of every day.  We have no reason to complain about anything.  Living in this wonderful area of The Cotswolds in the County of Gloucestershire there are many hidden gems of the beaten track - great pubs, great walks and some amazing gardens etc., to visit.  Having a few grandchildren of varying ages we have over the years made the most of attractions, like Cotswold Wildlife Park, Adam Henson's Farm, Butts Farm and many others.  Recently though Far Peak near Northleach was a huge success well worth a visit with the climbing walls (instruction available if required - need to book) adventure play ground and country walk.  Each time they come we find some new place to visit, so you don't have to be close to the coast for children to be well entertained.   As always we have some very interesting guests from all parts of the world who are always amazed at the beauty of The Cotswolds.  Here's to a good Summer weather wise.  Today is fantastic and Bibury is looking its best and our gardens at Bibury Holiday Cottages are truly a picture.  Well done to my husband who is Head Gardner. 

Christmas is coming

Where has the year gone.  Summer was late coming but when it did it was wonderful August in Bibury was very busy and bathed in sunshine.  Again we had guests from all over the world which is fantastic and their lovely comments regarding Bibury and The Cotswolds are a pleasure to read. We have also done some AirB&B which has been very successful.  Now we are in the thick of Autumn with the leaves coming off the trees but amazing colours at present.  The great sycamore which has been over-shadowing our house for years has now had a serious hair-cut hoorah !!! it was amazing watching the Tree Surgeons what a skilled job and rather dangerous as the sycamore in question is butt against the main road through Bibury and branches had already started dropping of their own volition onto the road, could have a disaster, but thankfully all well.

Some of the visitors to Bibury who arrive on coaches really ought to take more care with the road as they don't seem to realise that we have footpaths for a reason, to avoid walking on the road which is very dangerous and a great hazard for the driver.  Also that the gardens are not parks and generally speaking they are private property.  Bibury is a working village and although we rely on Tourists as part of the economy it would be helpful if they took more care.  It is also difficult for the local Pub as people park and then walk off, not spending any money, but using their car park which makes it difficult for genuine customers.

We have beautiful gardens at Bibury Holiday Cottages of which we are very proud also a peaceful and lovely garden for the use of our guests.  As the quiet time of year approaches we are again upgrading some of our 4 Cottages mainly The Bakehouse with a refitted shower room/wet room.  We have put down a wooden floor in The Tallet Cottage and a new shower, furniture etc., in The Stables.  We are constantly thinking of our guests and how to make their experience at Bibury Holiday Cottages a memorable one.  We are great walkers and every time we take to the Countryside in and around Bibury and The Cotswolds I realise how blessed we are to live in such a wonderful place.  It must be one of the most friendly and caring communities in which to reside our Spanish guests who are here to learn English are overwhelmed by the hospitality of the local people.  Visit The Catherine Wheel Pub and the locals will talk to you and make you feel part of the village if that is what you want.  You will always be welcome in The Cotswolds and Bibury Holiday Cottages  in particular. 

Next Big Occasion - The Bibury Duck Race on Boxing Day - buy your Duck now!!! money to your chosen Charity - starts 




Bibury in the heart of The Cotswolds

Our recent guests at Bibury Holiday Cottages have had great weather for the past week, some enjoying the golf at Minchinhampton where the cows roam free across the course, which is on common land.  Bibury Village has been very busy with tourists from all over the world, as you wander along to either Bibury Trout Farm or Bibury Post Office going about your daily business of buying the papers, bread, milk, posting a letter, buying a card you hear all different languages making for a very interesting outing.  The Catherine Wheel Pub in Bibury is also very busy not just with the locals in Bibury but again with people from far and wide enjoying the food, drink and the gardens.  Shame some people abuse the hospitality by bringing their own picnic and using seats that are really for paying customers, this also applies to the car park on occasions.  Bibury is an exceptionally friendly place and the inhabitants love to make people feel welcome and join in the fun, as our Bibury Holiday Cottage guests from USA did last week.  They all bring something new to the party.  We are now in the asparagus season which is fantastic, most of which is grown locally in and around The Cotswolds.  We are also getting close to the dates for the Open Gardens which also brings visitors to Bibury and the surrounding villages which are all renown for  their Cotswold beauty.  Bibury Fun Day at Bibury Cricket Club 16th July - or to watch the cricket match from something for everyone. Look for the Bibury Cricket Club sign it really is the most beautiful setting. 


Bibury in April

Here at Bibury Holiday Cottages we have a pheasant in the garden, not an unusual sight in Bibury, but it sees its reflection in the window and thinks it has a partner who fancies him so keeps pecking.  We are worried that any moment the window is going to crack.  We thought distraction would help by putting food up the garden but, no, it still returns to the window to make overtures to its non-existent partner.  They are very beautiful birds and to see him wandering round our Bibury Holiday Cottage gardens is a great treat.  So looking forward to being able to sit in our lovely gardens which are bathed in sunshine most of the day.  The wedding Season is well under way in The Cotswolds and Bibury in particular, which I think is becoming the matrimonial capital of The Cotswolds.  With businesses like The Swan Hotel, Bibury, Cripps Barn and The Stone Barn all great venues for your nuptuals with short breaks available at Bibury Holiday Cottages for your guests.  These venues are all within either walking distance or a short drive.  We had Easter in Germany with our son and family, where they had Easter Egg Trees, like we have Christmas Trees it was all very attractive but they do make much more of the celebration that we seem to.  The Easter Bunny even brings presents not just chocolate eggs.  But it was good to come back to the beautiful village of Bibury and The Cotswolds.  





Spring in Bibury

Thank goodness the rain seems to have subsided and the sun is shining and Bibury is looking lovely as the daffodils are in bloom and the trees sprouting their new buds.  We are ready for a new Season at Bibury Holiday Cottages with lots of new guests coming from all over the Country, Europe and further afield like Australia, Canada and USA to explore The Cotswolds, which judging by the comments in our visitors book never seems to disappoint, it really is a special part of the Country, with great walking straight out of the door.  Views to die for.  Great village pubs with good food at reasonable prices.  There really is something for everyone.  We have had one or two trips to places like Lacock Abbey, Castle Combe and Painswick which are all stunning places to visit and easily accessible from Bibury.  Cotswold Farm Park is a brilliant day out for people with children as is Cotswold Wildlife Park again within easy reach from Bibury Holiday Cottages.  Our gardens are coming to life again with the guest garden as special place to enjoy a, cup of tea, glass of wine or a beer after a day out.  It is a very tranquil place to enjoy the last of the sun, or just to relax with a book on a day off from sight seeing. 


Well October so far has been warmer than August.  We had a great week with our German visitors. A trip to Birdland in Bourton-on-the-Water, great success with the children and not too expensive.  Touring the Cotswold villages The Slaughters, The Swells, Northleach a small market town with a beautiful Church.  So hopefully they will return to Cologne with very happy memories of Bibury Holiday Cottages and The Cotswolds and will tell their friends.  However the rate of exchange of pound against the euro does make it expensive, loosing around a third. 

Autumn in The Cotswolds

Great walk with my son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandsons from Bibury to Calcot over the track looking down on the beautiful Winson Village in the Coln Valley.  Not a sound of mechanisation just a few cows a couple of dog walkers, horse rider and us in the amazing scenery.  It was a perfect afternoon in the sunshine.  Seeing the grandchildren rolling down the hill towards Calcot laughing you realise how precious these moments are, so free in the open air without having to be entertained .  A cup of tea and piece of chocolate cake to celebrate a birthday, collecting apples from the tree and the windfalls also created great fun and hilarity.  So off to the Inn at Fossebridge for an early supper of fish and chips and a cheeky glass of wine for some beer for others and appletize for the children.  So home to bed with a wonderful glow and reflection on how beautifully behaved the boys had been considering their ages or 3 and 5.  They had walked all that way without a whinge, ate delicious cake, made by my niece for her daughters 12 birthday, picked apples, played cricket and ate their supper.  What more could one wish for lets hope today goes as smoothly.




Last Week in September

Wow!! what wonderful weather we have had for the past week, its warmer now than in August.  The trees are taking on that wonderful Autumnal hue but the sky is blue and the sun is shining making Bibury look wonderful.  Hopefully it will stay as we have family and friends arriving this weekend from Cologne.  Two of the couples have never been to England before and we would ideally like The Cotswolds to look its best.  It also makes sight seeing so much more impressive if the weather is clement.  One of our great days out for visitors is Bleinhem Palace it is such a magnificent setting and you can take a whole day with the Palace and The Gardens and all other attractions ie., the Rose Garden etc., 

Bibury v Pinjarra, Western Australia

On our Bibury Cricket Club Fun Day we had a visiting Cricket Team from Pinjarra Western Australia, coincidentally this week we have 4 lovely ladies staying in our Tallet Cottage and one the ladies brothers played for Pinjarra here in Bibury,  They were a great team and great fun, we  introduced them to Pimms.


Shopping in Cirencester

We are very lucky with the individual shops in Cirencester town centre, just bought some great fresh fruit.  We now have 2 fruit and veg. shops offering a great range in fact almost anything you require.  Cirencester being the Capital of The Cotswolds with some interesting history, and approx. 5 miles from Bibury.  Along the road to Cirencester we also have the Organic Farm Shop, good food is at a premium in The Cotswolds, whether it be at the local pubs, or the more expensive restaurants. 


Bibury Cricket Club Roof

We are well on the way with the organisation for our fund raising Black Tie Dinner in Bibury Village Hall  in aid of a new roof for Bibury Cricket Club.  People have been very generous with raffle prizes for which we thank everyone concerned. 

From a Bibury barstool

The Saturday early doors story of the week :    The Grim Reaper came for me last night,but I beat him off with a vacuum cleaner.     Talk about Dyson with death !

Walking in the road

Living here in Bibury where we have numerous Japanese visitors, I am at a loss to understand why they walk in the road, when there are perfectly good footpaths.  It is a real hazard for drivers especially when the roads are rather narrow, and at present the farmers are rushing through with their large grain trailers trying to gather the rest of their harvest after all the wet weather in August.  Don't get me wrong they are more than welcome but surely prior to travelling they have been instructed on keeping themselves safe on our roads.  Added to this is the large number of coaches bringing the tourists to this beautiful village but may be they could drop their passengers by Bibury Trout Farm and arrange a time to collect from the same point, they could then park outside the village relieving pressure on parking and therefore making Bibury safer for the visitors and locals alike.  There are many people who drive far too fast through the village where there is a 30 mph limit making it difficult for the Mother's walking their children to Bibury Village School, which is great to see. 

All I am saying is please take care, so we can all enjoy the beautiful village of Bibury.


Monday in Bibury

Discussed the Bibury Cricket Club Black Tie Dinner to be held in Bibury Village Hall to raise money for the Bibury Cricket Club new roof.   Now have sponsorship for the wine and beer just need good raffle prizes and hopefully we will achieve fundraising goal.  Quick trip to Cirencester which was very busy, it is a great place to visit with all the History attached to the Capital of The Cotswolds.  Spent yesterday afternoon in Hatherop approx. 3 miles from Bibury, had only ever driven through it before, therefore not realising what a tranquil place it is and some very interesting cottages/house architecturally and of course Hatherop Castle School with its magnificent surroundings.