Walking in the road

Living here in Bibury where we have numerous Japanese visitors, I am at a loss to understand why they walk in the road, when there are perfectly good footpaths.  It is a real hazard for drivers especially when the roads are rather narrow, and at present the farmers are rushing through with their large grain trailers trying to gather the rest of their harvest after all the wet weather in August.  Don't get me wrong they are more than welcome but surely prior to travelling they have been instructed on keeping themselves safe on our roads.  Added to this is the large number of coaches bringing the tourists to this beautiful village but may be they could drop their passengers by Bibury Trout Farm and arrange a time to collect from the same point, they could then park outside the village relieving pressure on parking and therefore making Bibury safer for the visitors and locals alike.  There are many people who drive far too fast through the village where there is a 30 mph limit making it difficult for the Mother's walking their children to Bibury Village School, which is great to see. 

All I am saying is please take care, so we can all enjoy the beautiful village of Bibury.