Christmas is coming

Where has the year gone.  Summer was late coming but when it did it was wonderful August in Bibury was very busy and bathed in sunshine.  Again we had guests from all over the world which is fantastic and their lovely comments regarding Bibury and The Cotswolds are a pleasure to read. We have also done some AirB&B which has been very successful.  Now we are in the thick of Autumn with the leaves coming off the trees but amazing colours at present.  The great sycamore which has been over-shadowing our house for years has now had a serious hair-cut hoorah !!! it was amazing watching the Tree Surgeons what a skilled job and rather dangerous as the sycamore in question is butt against the main road through Bibury and branches had already started dropping of their own volition onto the road, could have a disaster, but thankfully all well.

Some of the visitors to Bibury who arrive on coaches really ought to take more care with the road as they don't seem to realise that we have footpaths for a reason, to avoid walking on the road which is very dangerous and a great hazard for the driver.  Also that the gardens are not parks and generally speaking they are private property.  Bibury is a working village and although we rely on Tourists as part of the economy it would be helpful if they took more care.  It is also difficult for the local Pub as people park and then walk off, not spending any money, but using their car park which makes it difficult for genuine customers.

We have beautiful gardens at Bibury Holiday Cottages of which we are very proud also a peaceful and lovely garden for the use of our guests.  As the quiet time of year approaches we are again upgrading some of our 4 Cottages mainly The Bakehouse with a refitted shower room/wet room.  We have put down a wooden floor in The Tallet Cottage and a new shower, furniture etc., in The Stables.  We are constantly thinking of our guests and how to make their experience at Bibury Holiday Cottages a memorable one.  We are great walkers and every time we take to the Countryside in and around Bibury and The Cotswolds I realise how blessed we are to live in such a wonderful place.  It must be one of the most friendly and caring communities in which to reside our Spanish guests who are here to learn English are overwhelmed by the hospitality of the local people.  Visit The Catherine Wheel Pub and the locals will talk to you and make you feel part of the village if that is what you want.  You will always be welcome in The Cotswolds and Bibury Holiday Cottages  in particular. 

Next Big Occasion - The Bibury Duck Race on Boxing Day - buy your Duck now!!! money to your chosen Charity - starts