Bibury in April

Here at Bibury Holiday Cottages we have a pheasant in the garden, not an unusual sight in Bibury, but it sees its reflection in the window and thinks it has a partner who fancies him so keeps pecking.  We are worried that any moment the window is going to crack.  We thought distraction would help by putting food up the garden but, no, it still returns to the window to make overtures to its non-existent partner.  They are very beautiful birds and to see him wandering round our Bibury Holiday Cottage gardens is a great treat.  So looking forward to being able to sit in our lovely gardens which are bathed in sunshine most of the day.  The wedding Season is well under way in The Cotswolds and Bibury in particular, which I think is becoming the matrimonial capital of The Cotswolds.  With businesses like The Swan Hotel, Bibury, Cripps Barn and The Stone Barn all great venues for your nuptuals with short breaks available at Bibury Holiday Cottages for your guests.  These venues are all within either walking distance or a short drive.  We had Easter in Germany with our son and family, where they had Easter Egg Trees, like we have Christmas Trees it was all very attractive but they do make much more of the celebration that we seem to.  The Easter Bunny even brings presents not just chocolate eggs.  But it was good to come back to the beautiful village of Bibury and The Cotswolds.