Bibury in the heart of The Cotswolds

Our recent guests at Bibury Holiday Cottages have had great weather for the past week, some enjoying the golf at Minchinhampton where the cows roam free across the course, which is on common land.  Bibury Village has been very busy with tourists from all over the world, as you wander along to either Bibury Trout Farm or Bibury Post Office going about your daily business of buying the papers, bread, milk, posting a letter, buying a card you hear all different languages making for a very interesting outing.  The Catherine Wheel Pub in Bibury is also very busy not just with the locals in Bibury but again with people from far and wide enjoying the food, drink and the gardens.  Shame some people abuse the hospitality by bringing their own picnic and using seats that are really for paying customers, this also applies to the car park on occasions.  Bibury is an exceptionally friendly place and the inhabitants love to make people feel welcome and join in the fun, as our Bibury Holiday Cottage guests from USA did last week.  They all bring something new to the party.  We are now in the asparagus season which is fantastic, most of which is grown locally in and around The Cotswolds.  We are also getting close to the dates for the Open Gardens which also brings visitors to Bibury and the surrounding villages which are all renown for  their Cotswold beauty.  Bibury Fun Day at Bibury Cricket Club 16th July - or to watch the cricket match from something for everyone. Look for the Bibury Cricket Club sign it really is the most beautiful setting.